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Promised Land
(​Bridge Youth Group)

It is the field of faith where the children of God who have been prepared through promise keeper and promise builder are prepared to fulfill their mission as a promise land in the middle of the world. We believe that no matter where we leave our parents' arms and settle down, that place will be the promised land that God has promised.


We are learning and growing together in Christ


Small Group &  Praying Time

Also having fun together :)

Dry Plants
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Welcome! Our youth group exists to provide sound biblical teaching toward rootedness in Christ as the source of identity and daily living, cultivating a sense of belonging in the church community, and living with a sense of purpose - service to God and others (both within and outside the church). We are committed to learning and growing together as iron sharpens iron. Every member is part of the body of Christ and contributes to the sound functioning of our group. Come as you are, and let God do the work of transformation.

Pastor Ahyuwani Akanet

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